The Benefits



Membership of the Group offers Corby businesses a forum to meet and learn from other businesses in the area and provides a unified voice for the business community of Corby to air their views.  


Business Networking is at heart of our meetings giving you the opportunity to discover, talk to and do business with local companies. If you couple this with our unique member only offers - can you afford not to be a member? Check out the current members page for more details.

Come and see how other companies have solved problems both locally and regionally with our Factory Visits. There is always something of interest and something that you can take away from the experience and use.



Membership of North Northants (formerly Corby) Landowners' Group – Land uptake and the development of Corby and surrounding area, including roads.

Membership of the Local Strategic Partnership – working on community development with the Police, Education & Health services, Borough & County Councils, etc.

Membership of Corby Borough Council Scrutiny Panel; Including a sub-group on Highways issues in Corby.

Membership of Corby Active – Health in the workplace.


Corby Business Group is a collection of business people driven to expand business opportunity in and around Corby. We represent a diverse range of industry sectors and as such offer a network of contacts and experience. We meet monthly to discuss issues, share achievements, and take in information from a plethora of guest speakers from officials within the business world and as such have become one of the foremost information sources on Local Legislation, Planning & Environmental matters which have a direct effect on you and your business.

By joining us, you immediately have access to our knowledge and contacts and we welcome what ever you can bring to enrich the group and aid our expansion across the area.

Through our website, meetings and events, we offer a platform to disseminate events, offers and information to all partners and beyond, which is administered centrally and efficiently to optimise the benefits we can offer.

A key part of our work with Local Government is through our Lobby Group which has access to local MP's and MEP's and Councillors to protect the interests of local business.

We are also proud to be part of Employment and Training Initiatives and as a group we can advise and assist, our target is to help develop a labour pool of well trained eager young people from Corby and it's environs.

With our Business News and Events we keep you up to date with what really matters in our local business community. Contact us.

Becoming a member of Corby Business group is relatively straightforward. Simply drop a message to our Secretary through the sitecontact page or,  via external email to:

Let us know something about you and your business and what you'd like to achieve through your membership of the group. If you could send us some text for use on your company synopsis on our website, as well as a logo and contact details as well we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and creating a more prosperous future for Corby and its surrounding area.


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